Dress of Your Dreams - Gown Preservation


 Bride with elegance wedding gown

Congratulationsyou finally found it! Since you were a little girl you dreamt about that perfect dress and now it is yours.  Layers after layers of exquisite fabric in a sophisticated style flatters your figure – it is everything you ever imagined and more.  Your heart, time, and money have been invested in your wedding dress and you would like to cherish this moment forever by having your gown last a lifetime.


Women in wedding dress ourside near brick wall


Wedding gown cleanned and preserved in seal box as display












 Several Options to Choose

You have the ability to personalize your gown preservation with the addition of other items which may have significant meaning to you.  Below you will find a list of commonly requested preservation packages. 

* Gown - Cleaned and Preserved - Gown only

* Veil Packaged with Gown

* Detachable Train - Cleaned, Preserved & Packaged with Gown

* Detachable Train - Cleaned and Preserved - Boxed separately

* Slip Packaged with Gown

* Gloves Packaged with Gown

 *Garter Packaged with Gown

 *Handkerchief Packaged with Gown

 *Moneybag Packaged with Gown

 *Ring Bearer Pillow Packaged with Gown

 * Shoes Packaged with Gown

* Shawl

Stop in or call us to discuss further.



Our MuseumStyle™ storage boxes
feature state of the art moisture and
oxygen control technology.         

Acid-Free Packaging

Interior surfaces and packing tissue are made of acid-free materials, ensuring the color-fastness of your treasured keepsake.

Moisture & Oxygen Control

Oxygen is purged from the sealed storage environment and replaced with an inert gas, reducing the discoloring effects of oxidation. 
Additional oxygen and moisture controlling agents are sealed with your keepsake to protect it from mold and mildew.

Sealed Storage Environment

Your keepsake is encased in a sealed storage environment which allows for easy viewing at any time. 
The heirloom storage environment protects your keepsake from airborne contaminants, insect damage, UV damage, and controls unnecessary moisture.

Lifetime warrantee certificate is presented with each garment!

A treasure this close to your heard should be handled by experts in dress preservation who will protect it properly so that a bride who wears it in the future (your sister, niece, daughter, grand daughter) will look just as beautiful in it as you did.


To read more on the detailed preservation & cleaning process analysis click here.