Our Business Model

An individual who makes, repairs, or alters, clothing professionally, especially suits and men’s & women's clothing is a TAILOR.      

Though the term dates back to the thirteenth century, it wasn’t until the eighteenth century when tailor took on its modern sense.  Now, tailor refers to the makers of men’s and women’s suits, coats, trousers, and similar garments, typically constructed using fabrics of wool, linen, or silk.
The set of specific hand and machine sewing and pressing techniques which are unique to the construction of traditional jackets is typically reference when speaking of tailoring.  Tailors will take measurements of each of their clients in order to construct the perfect garment for their particular use.
Just as the tailoring profession has evolved, so too has the methods of tailoring.  The three most common are local, distant, and traveling tailors.  Over the thirty plus years in business, we have been versatile and combined each of the three into our business model.  We at Kyrou Tailoring have developed and specialized in our own particular distinctive business model.

First and foremost, we have and always will be a local tailor for our clients in the greater Fort Wayne and tri-state area in northeast Indiana.  The tailors at Kyrou Tailoring work on each piece with their own two hands.  Each garment constructed is hand sewn on the premises by one of our in house tailors.  We have a showroom which allows our clients to have measurements taken, select fabrics from samples, and bring in existing garments for additional alterations.

Secondly, we have and continue to be a distant tailor.  For our clients outside of northeast Indiana, we are happy to serve them with our expertise.  These clients range from personal/business needs, governmental, institutional, private/public corporations, miscellaneous private labels, etc…  Typically we are provided with measurements and specifications to construct garments.  An array of tailoring services are shipped to Kyrou Tailoring from coast to coast as we specialize not only in custom made clothing, but leather cleaning/repair/remodeling, wedding/formal wear, gown preservation, etc…

Lastly, we have been traveling tailors…while always keeping our home office open to our loyal and dedicate local cliental.  There are occasions when our tailors have been requested to be on site away from our local office.  We have worked with corporations, business, and institutions locally as well as abroad where tailoring services were needed.  Although this is not a standard, we take each situation/request on a case by case basis and do our best to accommodate our clients.